Topo Designs Rover Pack hanging 2

There’s been a steady increase of Topo Designs sightings in the Bay Area, so I did some research and found one of their shops located on Divisadero St in San Francisco. The blooming company opened the doors to its Colorado flagship store late in 2013 and by the looks of their press kit, have enjoyed success early and often. Also based in Colorado, the vision of Topo Designs forms around an idea of the connectedness we have with the things we own, our community, and the natural environment that surround us. With the diverse landscape of Colorado as a backdrop, the company thrives on the opportunity to produce items locally with the outdoor adventurer in mind.

On an unplanned trip to San Francisco, I popped into the shop and walked out with the Topo Designs Rover Backpack to add to my collection. You might notice I fancy the turquoise color scheme so this was a no-brainer for me. The contrast of dark and light shades in the body combined with the accent pull tabs and inner pockets drew my attention immediately. If turquoise isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll find a variety of colors to choose from as Topo Designs will produce multiple color schemes for the same bag model.

Topo Designs Rover Pack logo

The base of the rucksack is made with Cordura which is known for durability and resistance to abrasions, tears, and scuffs. The upper part of the bag is made with water resistant pack cloth and has a drawstring closure. There are pockets on each side which can be used for bottles or additional gear. The shoulder straps are constructed with mesh inner lining and comes equipped with D-Rings which are compatible with their sternum straps. This bag was made to withstand wet conditions.

Topo Designs Rover Pack side

Topo Designs Rover Pack back

Compared with other backpacks, the rucksack is a little undersized so you’ll have to be conscious about what you’re packing. It fits up to 16.2 L which is plenty for my use. So far, the Rover Pack has been my everyday commuter bag. I pack it with my laptop in its main compartment inner sleeve (same upper pack cloth material as the body), a book, lightweight sweater, and occasional headphones. It’s a compact fit and I like that it was designed this way. If extra storage space is needed, there are two more pockets on the outside. The quick access pocket located on the flap will provide additional storage but keep in mind you’ll have to peel that layer to get into the main compartment. The front pocket will also allow you to store more things but it won’t expand for bulkier items.

Topo Designs Rover Pack main compartment 3Topo Designs Rover Pack quick access

Topo Designs Rover Pack main compartment 2

I like this bag and I’ve been using it daily for the past few months. Even with the torrential rain we’ve received recently, I haven’t had to worry about my inner contents getting wet (I’m also walking with an umbrella so it’s not completely exposed, but it gives me peace of mind). The size of the bag is perfect for packing what you need without the nonessential clutter. I recommend this bag for the person who wants to carry a smaller bag while maintaining the daily items. Find it on Amazon!

  • Dimensions: 18″ x 11″ x 5″
  • Weight: 22.4 oz
  • Capacity: 16.2 L
  • Materials: Cordura fabric base, coated pack cloth upper and liner

Topo Designs Rover Pack hanging 4

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